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BII survey

Implant illness doesnʼt end after explant. While many women feel instant relief some others still have lingering symptoms. The body still has years of toxic exposure to undo, along with other toxic environmental exposure. Left untouched heavy metals can replace minerals in the bones. Chemicals and parasites can burrow deep into tissue and lymphatic movement can slow or almost halt. And estrogen dominance can stop weight loss and attribute to cancer growths.

Find out what your dominate toxic issues are.

Trouble breathing
A stuffy nose
A runny nose
Red eyes
Itchy skin or eyes
A sore or itchy throat
Do you have a keen nose for moldy smells?:
Do you get allergies easily?:

Morning stiffness
Trouble breathing
Trouble finding words?

Skin and nail fungal infections
Zoney feeling
Anxiety/ anxious
Oral thrush
Digestive issues
Sinus infections

Swelling and tenderness in your breasts
Fibrocystic lumps in your breasts
Decreased sex drive
Irregular menstrual periods / infertility
Increased symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
Mood swings
Anxiety and panic attacks
Weight gain
Hair loss
Cold hands or feet
Trouble sleeping sleepiness or fatigue 
Memory problems
Kidney pain or changes
Anxiety irritability
Shortness of breathe chills
Tingling in hands and feet
Endocrine issues ( thyroid or infertility)
Liver issues
Nervous system issues
Chronic fatigue
Stiffness in limbs
Mental abnormalities
Slurred speech
Pale skin
Protein in urine
Focus or learning issues
Joint pain
High BP
Restless sleep
Do you eat foods or supplements made in India or China?
Do you have Mucus in the Am?
Lots of mucus after dairy or flour?
Unable to lose weight?
Soreness stiffness in the am?
Stiffness along the spine
Lack of energy?
Swollen tonsils or lymph nodes?
Brain fog?
Skin issues including dry skin?
Itchy skin?
Sore breast during or before menstrual cycle?

Disclaimer: This survey is created as a guidance tool not meant to diagnose symptoms