"After life threw us
lemons, we made LemonAID"

- Biidetox

Our Mission

To help those suffering from device side effects, bring awareness, share symptoms, solutions and community.  The FDA has received over 573 incidents of rare cancer BAI-ALCL ( breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma) . While not all those with BII will suffer from cancers, autoimmune symptoms are highly common. Our mission is to support those still implanted, help those who have removed their implants, and bring awareness to those who are considering them or not yet aware of the association of BII with their current health struggles. 

More and more ladies are removing their implants. Why? The illnesses related to implants are outweighing the benefits. Auto immune issues, leaky gut issues, chronic fatigue and even cancers!

More and more plastic surgeons are opting to remove implants as part of their services.

Breast implant illness awareness is starting to soar. More and more surgeons are helping to remove the once coveted implants. Those who have been living with a mystery illness are now getting to the root cause of their issues. 
Lemon AID is about working together. 

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